Pre-Columbian Collection

This gallery was closed in 2010 in order to reconstruct the space in a modem design to better align with new standards for museums, in addition to a lack of new selection to display. In 2008, 2009, 2010, Museo graciously received numerous archaeological pieces donated by the Mary Lanius, Rita Blood worth, and Irving Tragen collections that greatly complemented and enhanced Museo’s original collection. During this period of closure, Museo staff has been working to fulfill the constant requests of Museo visitors and the community to reopen this treasured gallery.

To further the educational mission of Museo de las Americas, designing workshops that will integrate pieces and themes from the Pre-Columbian collection into the curriculum will be a key component of the plan. The greater Denver community will greatly benefit from the collection-centered educational opportunities and workshops, as they will have the opportunity to engage with pieces from the Museo’s Pre-Columbian collection.

It will be a great effort between the community and Museo to reach this goal by 2016.