Museo de las Americas Summer Camp (MASC) 2017




Museo de las Americas Summer Camp invites you to embark on a cultural journey through the country of Ecuador. Ecuador’s depths are shaped by its magnificent environment which contains almost 20,000 species of plants, 1,500 species of birds, 341 species of mammals and more than 840 species of reptiles and amphibians. It includes UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Galápagos Islands and renowned parks such as the Yasuni National Park. Ecuador was chosen as Museo’s country of focus for Summer Camp 2017 due to the pressing urgency of climate change and environmental degradation that both the Galápagos Islands and Yasuni National Parks’ biodiversity is experiencing

During the 2017 Summer Camp students will learn about and explore the beauty, wonder and magic of the Galápagos Islands and Yasuni National Park. Through Summer Camp 2017 students will become leaders of knowledge and activists of change. Summer Camp 2017 will awaken student’s consciousness about environmental protection and nature conservation.

At the heart of the Summer Camp is an arts-integrated curriculum that engages all of the senses to build cultural competencies and unlock new, vibrant understandings of academic content. For three consecutive weeks students will immerse themselves in four art disciplines: visual arts, music, theatre and dance and at the same time they will engage in the creative process to actively construct knowledge in non-arts academic areas of science, language arts and social studies. With partners like the Denver Zoo, Denver Botanic Gardens and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Summer Camp students will be exposed to expertise on the environment and the concept of home as place. Our scientific community partners will work hand in hand with Museo for our students to gain firsthand knowledge of the environment of Ecuador.

COST: Scholarships are available to students at a first come, first serve basis

Museo understands the importance of keeping young minds active and engaged throughout the summer months and it is our goal to provide quality education that promotes excellence in the arts, excellence in academics and excellence in cultural competencies.


Alexis Newton, Education Director

Museo de las Americas

DATES:  Monday June 19th 2017 – Friday July 7th 2017 GRADES: K through 6th grade TIMES: 9am-12pm, light snack provided daily COST: Scholarships are available to students at a first come, first serve basis.



Los Jovenes Leadership Lab – A fusion of creativity, Technology & Mentoring to Cultivate Lasting Leadership Skills in Our Youth.

This year’s Lab will incorporate and introduce the use of 3D printers and students will have the opportunity to create a collaborative project with this year’s theme of Barrio Protectors. In this immersive two part program students will elevate their leadership skills through mentorships, art, and technology. Upon completion of the four week program, students will leave feeling accomplished and empowered to create positive change in their community.

Part One: June 5th – June 9th

The first week of Los Jovenes Leadership Lab will operate as an “incubator” for the future arts leaders, infusing technology and the arts to equip students with transferable digital and cooperative leadership skills that they can apply in their community, academic and personal lives. Students will create digital art using 3D printers and follow role models at the museum to learn the various functional roles of arts leadership, delving into subjects such as communications, problem solving, teamwork and technology.

Part Two-Four: June 19th – July 7th

After week one, students will have the opportunity to use their newly cultivated leadership skills and talents as they fulfill the role of Teen Captains for Museo’s Summer Arts Camp for ages 4 through 12. Throughout the following three-week camp, they will be in charge of providing technical and logistical support to camp staff, mentoring campers through their social emotional needs, and tutoring campers with use of technology during digital art lessons, further reinforcing the concepts and skills they have learned and advancing their abilities to communicate and lead.

DATES: Week One: Monday, Monday June 5th – Friday June 9th TIMES: 9am to 2pm, light snack provided daily;

Week Two – Four: June 19th – July 7th. TIMES: 9:00am to 12:00pm, light snack provided daily. AGES: 7th through 8th Grade COST: Scholarships are available to students at a first come, first serve basis. ENROLLMENT CAPACITY: 10 students

*Scholarships are reserved for students who attend Title I schools and who qualify for free and reduced lunch*

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