Cultural Art Workshops

Cultural art workshops are available all year round to students of all grade levels. Workshops can be conducted on-site (at Museo) or off-site (at your school).

Curiosity, creativity and culture create the fabric of Museo’s hands-on, arts-integrated workshops. Students delve into art-making processes to gain a unique perspective in the landscape of American culture that fosters positive self-identity, cultural tolerance and 21st Century skills. Workshops can be conducted in English or Spanish and either on-site or off-site at your school.

*All tours and workshops  are aligned with the state content standards for history/social science, language arts, math, science and arts education.

Workshops: Groups of 20 or more: $5/student Groups of less than 20: $100 flat rate

Off-site fee $50 per teacher

Museo 2017–18 Workshops

Queen of the Selfie: Frida Kahlo

Grades: 6-12

Frida mastered the art of the “selfie” long before smart phones were invented. She fearlessly expressed her passions, fears, pain, joy, and life through her self-portraits. Students discover Frida Kahlo’s reality through her self-portraits, then make one of their own. This workshop is great for learning how Frida expressed identify and became one of the best known artists of Latin America.

Diego Rivera: A Man & His Murals

Grades: 8-12

Experience the life and art of Diego Rivera, the founder of the muralist movement. Students learn about the techniques & tools of a muralist painter and work together to create a mural depicting a current event that impacts their lives today.

Posada Printmaking: The Art of Protest

Grades: 6-12

What is the art of protest? Discover political satire in  prints by Jose Guadalupe Posada (1852 – 1913), whose works were done in the context of protest and persuasion. Students learn how to plan and create a print that protests a situation or attempts to persuade its viewers to their beliefs. Prints are created using the relief technique on a traditional tortilla press.


 Family Stories: Illustrating Your Story

Grades: 1st – 4th

Meet vibrant Chicana artist and author, Carmen Lomas Garza through her book Family Pictures // Cuadros de Familia. Garza is known for telling her family stories through illustrations of family traditions and community.  Through the workshop, students will discover and respect differences and similarities in the cultural heritage of Ms. Garza, themselves and members of their classroom community. Using watercolors, students will create a  painting expressing their own *family story*


Help a Sister Out: Legend of the Three Sisters

Amazon Life

Grades: K-6

Experience the magic of oral tradition as you learn about “The Legend of the Three Sisters (corn, beans and squash).” This engaging legend teaches the importance of Native American horticulture traditions and diet. While learning about planting methodology, students discover that plants depend on and help each other just like us.  Following the Native American tradition in the use of all parts of the corn to create a  corn-husk doll.

Amazon Life

Grades: K-4

Why is the Amazon Rainforest called the “lungs of the world?” While exploring the geography of Amazon Rainforest, students learn about interdependence of life that inhabits it and why its important to preserve it. In the spirit of cultivating new plant life, students will construct a clay pot to plant a seed in.


Guatemalan Textiles: Put Your Worries to Bed

Grades: P-6

The children of Central America tell their troubles and worries before going to bed to tiny dolls made of colorful thread – one doll for each worry. In this workshop students experience the beauty of Guatemalan textiles while learning about the legend of the “worry doll.” Students will create a “worry doll” to put their worries to bed!


Talking Knots: The Inca Quipu

Grades: 5-12

Who needs pencils when you have knots, right? The Incas developed a complex communication system without ever picking up a pencil. They used the Quipu system, a system of tying knots,  to communicate, count, and record history. Students will experience the Quipu system by first learning how to decode one, then by constructing their own.


Mysteries of the Sun Stone

Grades: 8-12

Discover the secrets and magic embedded in the Aztec Sun Stone, better known as the  Aztec Calendar! In this workshop students will explore how the Aztecs understood the cosmos and will observe how the Aztec Sun Stone (Aztec Calendar) was created in order to narrate history. After learning the symbolism of the stone, students will create their own Sun Stone.


Play Ball! The Maya Ball Game

Grades: K-6

Long before baseball, basketball and football there was Maya Ball! More than entertainment, the Maya ball game was was at the heart of Maya beliefs and symbolized the constant battle between good and evil.  In this interactive workshop, students are immersed in the stories, writing, art and artifacts of the Maya people as they bring the ancient Maya ballgame to life!



Seasonal Workshops

Contact Museo for more information about Seasonal Workshops.

El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)


Students will celebrate day of the Dead by honoring their ancestors and decorating a sugar skull as a personal remembrance.

Exhibition Workshops


With each exhibition, Museo offers a unique workshop that relates to the ideas, themes, or techniques in the current exhibition.

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