Target Latino Connections

Museo de las Americas is proud to announce the 2017-2018 “Unlocking the Magic of Ecuador” FREE Title I workshops sponsored by Target Latino Connections. TLC workshops are offered for the entire 2017-2018 school year while supplies last.

Some Restrictions Apply:
  • Workshops are designed for PS-4th grade students
  • Limit four workshops per school
  • Workshops are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis – LIMITED SUPPLY
  • All workshops requests must be submitted electronically
  • Deadline to submit requests is two weeks prior to desired workshop date
  • Minimum size of group: 15 students
  • Maximum size of group: 30 students
  • Transportation is not included in discount
  • Workshops must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance
Target Latino Connection 2016-2017
Unlocking the Magic of Ecuador
Museo de las Americas has created four new workshops that will explore the different ecosystems of Ecuadaor, the Galápagos Islands and Yasuni National Park.  This series of workshops will provide an opprotunity for students to explore,engage, & learn about the beauty, wonder, and magic of Ecuador.
Honey Bee Waggle Dance, P – 1st Grade

During this interactive workshop, students will learn about pollination & explore how bees communicate through pattern & rhythm. Students will explore why bees are crucial to the environment and the phenomenon known as the “waggle dance,” an exciting form of bee communication.

Colorado 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking, Collaboration
Colorado Standards: Dance, Math, Science


Shape Detectives, 3rd – 4th Grade

In this geography workshop, students will explore the shape of the South American continent and focus on the country of Ecuador & why its geographical location is unique & important through the creation of a large puzzle. Students will gain an understanding of the equator belt that encircles the Earth & its correlation on how this helps preserve the vast biodiversity of animals & plants that live there.

Colorado 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Information Literacy,  Self-Direction
Colorado Standards: Math,  Social Studies, Visual Arts

Tortoises of the Galápagos Islands,
P – 2nd Grade

Weighing in up to 900 pounds, & living over 100 years, the Galapagos Island Tortoise is a fascinating reptile after which the Galapagos Islands were named! An endangered species since the 1970’s, they’re just one of the unique animals native to Ecuador. This workshop will focus on the lives of tortoises, & conservation efforts to protect them.

Colorado 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Invention  Colorado Standards: Science, Visual Arts, Social Studies


Saving Our Coral Reefs, 3rd – 4th Grade

In this interactive digital art  workshop, students will experience conservation efforts first hand in one of the greatest spectacles of biodiversity in the world. Students will see the conservation efforts in the Galápagos Islands and using tablets students will be able to transform the bleached corals back to life.

Colorado 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Information Literacy, Invention 
Colorado Standards: Science, Visual Arts  


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