Target Latino Connections

Museo de las Americas is proud to announce the 2016-17 “Native” FREE Title I workshops sponsored by Target Latino Connections. TLC workshops are offered for the entire 2016-2017 school year while supplies last.

Some Restrictions Apply:
  • Workshops are designed for PS-4th grade students
  • Limit four workshops per school
  • Workshops are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis – LIMITED SUPPLY
  • All workshops requests must be submitted electronically
  • Deadline to submit requests is two weeks prior to desired workshop date
  • Minimum size of group: 15 students
  • Maximum size of group: 30 students
  • Transportation is not included in discount
  • Workshops must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance
Target Latino Connection 2016-2017
Colorado Native
Museo de las Americas has created four new workshops that will explore the history and environment of Colorado. This series of workshops will provide an opportunity for students to experience what it is to be a Coloradoan. Students will explore Native American traditions, Colorado’s environment, experience the history of corn & tortillas, and the importance of the buffalo. These experiential workshops allow students to grain a greater understanding of Colorado and all the magic that lie in this amazing state.
Where the Buffalo Roam
During this interactive workshop, students will explore the importance the Buffalo play in the lives of Native American traditions and culture. Students will explore how the buffalo was used and how sacred the animal was for the natives. Students will read the Buffalo Woman folk story, and create their own story map by using symbols and images to reproduce their own family folk story. Colorado Standards: Literacy, Social Studies, Visual Arts.
Tortillas de Colorado: A Cooking Class
For thousands of years the tortilla has been a staple of the Americas nourishing community across the globe. When did corn appear in the indigenous communities in Colorado and become a part of our history and everyday lives? As a staple of Colorado’s food past and present, in this workshop students will learn about the historical significance of the tortilla, when corn appeared in Colorado and follow a hands on recipe to make edible corn tortillas! This arts-integrated workshop incorporates Colorado content standards from Science, Visual Arts, Reading, Writing, Comprehension, & History.
Colorado’s Fauna and Flora
The breathtaking scenery of Colorado has been mesmerizing people for centuries. This remarkable environment is home to a plethora of interesting species of animals and plant life. Students will explore the Colorado habitat and engage in the ancient dying technique of using natural resources to dye fabric and create a tapestry with animal and plant images found from the Anasazi culture. Colorado Standards: Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts.
Family Stories Workshop back by popular demand!
What is your family story? Prolific Chicana narrative artist Carmen Lomas Garza is known for telling her family stories through illustrations of family traditions and community. In this workshop, students explore the narrative of art through
 various illustrations of Ms. Garza. Using watercolors students paint an illustration that tells their own family story and that will be compiled into a classroom community book, “Our Family Stories.” This arts-integrated workshop incorporates Colorado content standards from Visual Art, Reading, Writing,Comprehension, & Social Studies.

Schedule a Cultural Art Workshop

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