Museo provides lively, interactive tours for all ages pre-k through adult. Through open-ended dialogue and visual thinking strategies, students activate the powers of observation and imagination to develop their own interpretations and unlock new, vibrant understandings of Latino art and culture. Tours last approximately one hour and end with an engaging hands-on activity.

Current Exhibit Tour

A Mano/By Hand and Viaje Al Hilo/Journey Through The Thread” Available 10/13/2016 – 1/13/2017

In this one hour inquiry-based tour, students explore beautiful handmade textiles from the Americas in two exhibits, A Mano and Viaje Al Hilo.

In A Mano students will have the opportunity to see a collection of over 60 hand-woven traditional textiles from South, Central, and North America. This important exhibition of folk art represents the indigenous weaving traditions of the Americas and includes pieces from the 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. The traditional textiles that are displayed were created to honor the spirituality and cultural significance behind the designs.

In Viaje Al Hilo students will learn about a platform used by contemporary designers to dialog with traditions. Viaje Al Hilo is a collection of 7 contemporary carpets designed by Marisol Centeno and crafted by hand in the traditional weaving style by Bi Yuu artisans from Oaxaca, Mexico. The exhibition examines the cultural significance of using ancient looming techniques to create contemporary designs. The pieces are given their beautiful designs and vivid colors using wool, natural materials and dyes from plants, insects, and minerals, all from the environment of Oaxaca. (Cochineal – little bugs that live in cacti and secrete a rich magenta color when dried and boiled – are shown in raw form in a jar in the exhibit).

This exhibit tour culminates with a hand on art activity where students will learn how to make a yarn bracelet.

Mural Crawl

The neighborhood that surrounds the Museo de las Americas is full of rich history. During this guided hour long tour, students engage in conversation, explanation and history of the murals that cover the alleys, fences, and buildings in the heart of the Santa Fe Arts District.

Groups of 15 or more: $3/student
Groups of less than 15: $45 flat rate