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Cultural First Fridays: The Butterfly Odyssey

January 5 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Museo celebrates Cultural First Fridays on Santa Fe Drive as a year-round, rain or shine, event, highlighting unique aspects of Latinidad in Denver.
FREE admission to the museum from 5- 9 pm.
Enjoy music, drinks, and art.
Performance will begin at 730 pm.
A free (warm!) guided shuttle loops every 20 minutes from the 10th and Osage light rail stop, down Kalamath and back north on Santa Fe Drive. Parking is limited to street parking.
Presented by Bellco Credit Union
The Butterfly Odyssey | La Odisea De LaMariposa
The Butterfly Odyssey, is a performance art and poetic action; created by Adriana Rondón-Rivero, inspired by the incredible journey of the monarch butterfly from Canada to Mexico, and speaks about the beauty in migration.
Migration is a human and animal activity. Migration is beautiful and sometimes painful and complicated. The The Butterfly Odyssey is a meditation, a prayer of migrant women who like a butterfly, were born with wings to fly in freedom and beauty.
The Butterfly Odyssey is …
a Poetic Action
a Meditation in Motion
Poetic Art and Political activism.
Political Activism in the form of Poetry.
a Performance Art ” ~ Adriana Rondón-Rivero
Why The Butterfly Odyssey is Poetry, Activism and Art- Action?
The monarch butterfly is a symbol of the migration, and is a representation of the migrant. How many of us have to leave behind our countries; for different reasons and are living in another one? This is so, our symbol and this is part of who we are.
“The monarch butterfly is loved for its beauty and its seemingly miraculous migration across huge distances, the monarch embodies hope for those who must travel great distances to survive and find opportunity. Their pattern of migration takes monarchs from Mexico to Canada through the United States, spanning lives of several generations; no one butterfly makes the whole trip. How new generations know to return to their ancestral grounds is still the stuff of scientific mystery. And for the activist artists who support immigrants, this mystery conveys the message that holding on to one’s cultural heritage across generations can be a wellspring of strength for a long struggle. Migration and transformation, in fact, are what make us beautiful.” Nadine Bloch.
This is a participatory Performance Art that emphasizes cooperative forms of interaction among the performers and audience. Inspired by the ideas of Augusto Boa, creator of the “Theater of the Oppressed” in where the audience is called “spect-actors”, “who have the opportunity to both act and observe, and who engage in self-empowering processes of dialogue that help foster critical thinking. Thus, the theatrical act is experienced as conscious intervention, as a rehearsal, for social action rooted in a collective analysis of shared problems” – References: The Brecht Forum.
Nancy Rosas, Yurima Castro, Bianca Acosta , Angela Sedillos , Yajaira Chavez , Desneige Hallbert, Brenda Chavez, Carmen Susana Diaz , Mollie McGrath and Adriana Rondón- Rivero.



January 5
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Museo de las Americas
United States

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