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a MANO/BY Hand


“Museo is proud to present its permanent collection of weavings to demonstrate the importance that these traditions played in the lives of the people who created them. 

These weaving traditions occupy a special place in indigenous cultures, and they play an important role in the social, artistic, and religious life of their communities. 

Legends, symbols, and clan recognition are woven into the textiles to convey messages for future generations. 

This legacy is being embraced by contemporary designers who look for secrets in the ‘grecas’ to explain their timeless aesthetic appeal and mystery.”

~ Maruca Salazar, Curator


OCTOber 13, 2016 – January 13, 2017

Viaje Al Hilo/Journey Through the Thread (Marisol Centeno)


In celebration of this appreciation of ancient weaving traditions by contemporary designers, Museo is also excited to announce that this exhibition will feature a special presentation of “Viaje al Hilo/Journey Through the Thread.”

Viaje Al Hilo is a collection of 7 carpets designed by Marisol Centeno of Bi Yuu and co-curated by Ana Maria Sanchez. It is presented at Museo de las Americas thanks to the support and collaboration with the Mexican Consulate of Denver, the Mexican Cultural Center of Denver, and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation. These contemporary works of art are created by hand, in Mexico, in the traditional weaving style of the native Oaxacan people. The pieces are given their beautiful designs using natural dyes: Cochineal, Indigo, Marush, Walnut, Pericón, and Pomegranate. Visitors of the exhibit will experience the traditional dyes and wool in their raw form and learn about the pedal loom used to create these beautiful masterpieces. 

“An appreciation of the complex fusion of traditional textile principles with everyday contemporary life, revealed through the recreation of atmosphere, landscapes, environments, and materials.”

– Designer Marisol Centeno

Museo extends its warmest gratitude to Marisol, Ana Maria, Bi Yuu, and the exhibit’s sponsors for bringing these gorgeous pieces to its gallery walls. “A Mano/By Hand” would be incomplete without the contemporary manifestation of these ancient traditions. Together, we hope to put this fascinating culture into context. This exhibit is an important preservation of the ancient perspective of the world. It’s about finding our roots and seeing how they’ve grown.


OCTOber 13, 2016 – January 13, 2017