Denver, Colorado – September 8, 2017 – Maruca Salazar, Executive Director of Museo de las Americas, will retire after serving the Denver community for the last eight years. As Museo prepares to let go of this culture warrior, Salazar will continue to finish her curatorial projects under contract in 2018. Her legacy will be continued through deep support for institutions like Museo de las Americas. Where art and culture from the Latin Americas continues to be appreciated, supported, and valued in today’s society. The transition affective October 1st will bring forth a successor that will conquer the new era of Museo de las Americas.
“Maruca anchored Museo into its community,” said long-time colleague, “She demonstrated that this institution is vital for the citizens of Colorado by enhancing the exhibitions and programming under the best quality.”
Maruca Salazar has served in her current position since July 2009. After eight years of service during that time, Museo de las Americas has accomplished great things. “I’ve worn many hats
and have been on many adventures. Thank you for the help and support from staff, friends, donors, members, and the community”, Maruca Salazar, “My new Journey will begin soon.”